Fees / Effective Rates (as of October 1, 2015)

    Microscope Use Fees

    Service UChicago user Non-UChicago users
    SP8 confocal $42.44/hr* $66.20/hr
    SP5 2-photon confocal $42.44/hr* $66.20/hr
    SP5 II STED confocal $42.44/hr* $66.20/hr
    Marianas Confocal $31.83/hr* $49.65/hr
    Fluoview 1000 confocal $31.83/hr* $49.65/hr
    Caliber large format confocal $30.00/hr* $48.15/hr
    DSU Spinning Disk confocals $21.22/hr* $33.10/hr
    Widefield microscopes $21.22/hr* $33.10/hr
    Histology microscopes $21.22/hr* $33.10/hr
    Stereomicroscope $21.22/hr* $33.10/hr
    VivaView $5.30/hr* $8.28/hr
    Lightsheet (SPIM) $12.57/hr* $19.60/hr
    LaVision Ultra II Lightsheet $30.00/hr* $48.15/hr
    GSDIM / TIRFM $31.83/hr* $49.65/hr
    Training Fee $20.00/person + use time $31.20/person + user time
    Consultation Fee $31.83/hr* $49.65/hr
    Analysis Stations $3.19/hr* $4.98/hr
    Imaris Workstation $5.30/hr* $8.27/hr
    Glass Bottom Dishes (sleeve of 10 sterile, uncoated) $20/sleeve $31.20/sleeve
    Zeiss coverslips (box of 1000, 18mm x 18mm #1.5 uncoated) $5.50/box $8.58/sleeve

    * UChicago users with certain Center grant memberships are eligible for Center grant copayments

    Whole Slide Scanner Drop-Off Service

    Slide Type Sample Size Fee/Slide (UChicago users) Fee/Slide (Non-UChicago users)
    Histology less than or equal to 25mm $5.30/slide $8.28/slide
    greater than 25mm $10.61/slide $16.55/slide
    tissue microarray (any size) $15.91/slide $24.83/slide
    flipping a slide to scan near label area $3.71/slide $5.78/slide
    Fluorescence (# see filters below) less than or equal to 25mm, single color $10.61/slide $16.51/slide
    greater than 25mm, single color $15.91/slide $24.83/slide
    additional colors

    $3.19/channel <25mm

    $5.30/channel >25mm

    $4.98/channel <25mm

    $8.28/channel >25mm

    Rush Fee any slide type 3x normal cost 3x normal cost
    Slide Cleaning Fee cleaning excessive mouting media, etc. on any slide type $3.19/slide $4.98/slide

    * We are happy to scan slides shipped to us from outside users; our rates take into consideration the University's indirect costs. Please contact us for information on how to ship your slides to the facility. We will ask you to provide a FexEx account number to cover return shipping costs.
    # We have filters for DAPI/Hoerscht (blue), FITC/GFP/Alexa488 (green), TexasRed/Cy3/Alexa500 series (red) and APC/Cy5/Alexa600 series (far red). Please note if you want your DAPI scanned it counts as a color channel. For example, DAPI + GFP = two colors.


    (Note that there are no center grant discounts on fines.)

    Incident Fine
    Oil on objective $100 per objective per incident
    Damaged objective Half the cost of a new objective ($2000-$16,000 depending on objective)
    Microscope left on overnight Person who scheduled the last session will be charged hourly fee for time left on + repair cost for any resulting damage, and possible loss of scheduler privileges
    Missed appointment (one hour rule), first two in a month $40 each incident
    Missed appointment (one hour rule), beyond two in month $40 each + hourly fee for reserved time, and possible loss of scheduler privileges
    Appointment cancellation within 12 hrs. or less of scheduled start time, beyond one in month Use charges for 50% of reserved microscope time, and possible loss of scheduler privileges